About Synapse

What makes us proud:


Our team of Neurophysiologists average over 8 years of experience in Intraoperative Neuromonitoring, and are among the most experienced and skilled in the nation. 



Our small team focus means that you can expect familiar faces coming to your facility. Our preference tracking system ensures that every Neurophysiologist assigned to your facility will be well-versed in your specific protocols. 


Our priority has always been to provide top-tier patient care in an affordable manner. Synapse Neuromonitoring strives to be the highest value available in the industry. Contact one of our specialists today to find out more. 

Company Profile

Synapse Neuromonitoring, Inc. is a patient-focused, regional Intraoperative Neuromonitoring company based in Indianapolis, IN. Synapse was founded in 2004 with the goal of providing top-tier IONM in an affordable and responsible manner. 

Synapse strives to make high quality neuromonitoring available to all facilities big or small that do not have the resources necessary to field an in-house program. 

Every surgeon has an enormity of responsibility on their shoulders with each patient and procedure. Any element of the OR team that can ease the burden on the surgeon and contribute to increased positive patient outcomes is of high intrinsic value in the health care industry. The traditional benefit of having in-house Neuromonitoring staff is largely that the surgeons would work with the same small group of Neuromonitorists who know their specific preferences.  The goal of Synapse is to assign a small number of familiar, experienced, cutting edge Neuromonitorists to each surgeon in order to minimize additional stress and confusion sometimes associated with using an outside vendor for a service.  We focus on giving the same benefit of having an experienced in-house monitoring team with highly experienced Synapse staff even if the facility rarely monitors cases. 

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